A DIY model not requiring any use of glue or any other tools (ready parts can be easily snapped out of wooden frames). Proceed according to the included manual.

The first known construction cranes were invented by the Ancient Greeks, powered by men or animals. The Wood Trick Crane is a unique as it works exactly a like Harbour Crane. It has a rotating wheel to load and unload ships. The arm has hinge and rope to hook the containers through a winding mechanism. You can visually see and appreciate how all cogs and wheels work during this process. Kids and Children will enjoy playing with the model and learn about Mechanics.


Material: Eco friendly plywood

Size of package: 370 * 185 * 35 mm

Model size: 565 * 296 *445 mm

Number of parts: 172



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SKU: WT 90081.

Unique mechanical 3D puzzles made of high-quality plywood. Our sets include all materials needed to put moving 3D models together without glue or any other tools. Thanks to due care of designs and attention to the high quality of the production process, all parts can be joined together into the perfect, ready model.
The way of joining elements invented and patented by our company enables constructing the mechanical structure without any use of glue.
Each model is not only a DIY construction, but also a depiction of a certain idea incorporated by the company in the production process. We strive to make each model interesting as both: a moving mechanism and an aesthetic souvenir. Undoubtedly, an intriguing construction full of small gears will attract attention and impress with the way it works.

Constructing hints for the model

If you hold the top frame facing the upper side, push the elements up. In this way, even if some burrs appear during pushing the elements, they will stay on the frame and not on the element. We recommend using knife to cut in places difficult to push;

  • if you have difficulties in putting a toothpick in a ready cog, rub it with wax;
  • you can also rub some wax on all sticking axles of gears before putting them on a frame. It will prevent too much friction;
  • if there are any burrs on gears, try to get rid of them. They can spoil the movement of some models;
  • if some gears are noisy, you can rub it with a candle. When an edge of plywood is too stiff, some cogs may jam. It occurs rarely, but if it does, it is best to rub gears in a similar way.